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About Us

In 2017 several practices across North East Essex

took the bold and decisive step to dissolve the traditional practice

Partnership model by joining together to form one of very few ‘at scale’ Partnerships

in the UK – The Colte Partnership was born. This collaborative decision was taken with a fundamental emphasis on the sustainability of better patient access, improved patient outcomes and excellent patient satisfaction. The challenges faced cannot be underestimated, considering the ever-growing strain on primary care brought about by continual population growth, a depleting workforce and significant financial constraints.

colte north east essex map

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2022, Partners agreed a five-year vision. Our Strategic Plan will be delivered against a backdrop of a well-defined Mission and Vision, while maintaining our core Values.

The plan maps out the journey that the Partnership will be taking over the next 5 years to achieve its Vision. 

Our strategy has been developed collaboratively with the aim of being leaders in reshaping primary care and creating a sustainable legacy for future colleagues and patients.

Core Objectives
Core Objectives
A Sustainable Future
A Strong Voice in the Health & Social Care System
A Better Work/Life Balance
Financial Sustainability
Mission, Vision & Values
Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To continue providing excellent patient care we will create a future that is financially sustainable, improves the work/life balance for our team and offers a strength of voice for primary care.

Our Vision

To deliver primary care from dedicated clinical hubs providing patients with maximum access to care with a resilient, efficient, and well-supported workforce; the right people, in the right place at the right time!

Our Values

Our Values

SAFE: "To maintain a well-led, engaging Partnership; safe for all."

INNOVATIVE: "Recognised as leaders in innovation, capable of driving change and improving Patient care with agility."

COLLABORATIVE: "Work in partnership with others to provide Patients with excellent care while improving the work/life balance for our team."

Father and Son Carer
Family Planning

SUSTAINABLE: "To maintain a balance between financial growth, social and environmental responsibility, patient care and team wellbeing."

SUPPORTIVE: "To create an environment that attracts and retains workforce, supports colleagues across SNEE and links with secondary care providers to improve patient care."

STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE: "To offer patients clinical excellence, in a location to suit their need, in a time frame to meet their clinical need, whilst delivering outstanding service."

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