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The Colte Partnership is a GP at scale-partnership, formed in June 2017. It brought together 9 local GP surgeries across Colchester and Tending, serving approx. 95,000 patients. With our combined workforce, skills and knowledge, we are in a unique position to assist our patients across the county.

We pride ourselves on working to be at the forefront of Primary Care in our region and have many exciting ventures on the horizon.

Each of our branches has its own character, and family friendly ethos, which is why our patients love coming to us (and tell us so in our regular patient surveys). However, being a large partnership means we can offer so much more than a local branch can by itself - with specialist clinics, social prescribing, and innovative support such as regular dementia cafes.

We strive to look after our employees as well, with generous annual leave, flexible and family friendly working, and support during difficult times such as free counselling.

Interested? Browse our vacancies below and get in touch if there's one that interests you.

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