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Commit to Quit!

National No Smoking Day (13th March 2024) is dedicated to promoting the benefits of quitting smoking and offering support and resources to those who wish to give up the habit. For those looking to start the journey into a smoke-free life, this day presents the perfect opportunity to take that crucial first step!

Quitting smoking can provide a number of individual health benefits including improved physical health, reduced risk of smoking-related diseases and better mental health. It will also have positive impacts on family and friends, communities and the environment. On top of this, the average smoker can save around £38 a week by quitting smoking....that's £2,000 a year!

The NHS offer free stop smoking services including free counselling and support to anyone who wants to quit smoking. Speak with your GP to make an appointment for support, or you can download the NHS Quit Smoking app to help you quit smoking and start breathing easier today!

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