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Kidney Health For All

World Kidney Day is celebrated on the 14th March 2024 and highlights the importance of our kidneys and how big of an issue kidney disease is! It’s not a disease that affects only a handful of people - it’s the 8th biggest killer worldwide.

What do our kidneys do?

  • Make urine

  • Remove wastes and extra fluid from your blood

  • Control your body’s chemical balance

  • Help control your blood pressure

  • Help keep your bones healthy

  • Help you make red blood cells

Early chronic kidney disease has no signs or symptoms, but it can be treated, and the earlier the diagnosis, the more effective the treatment. It is tested using blood and urine screening, and if left untreated it can progress to kidney failure.

There are several ways to reduce the risk of developing kidney disease. Keeping fit and staying active whilst maintaining a healthy diet and drinking sufficiently. Controlling blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Not smoking and avoiding taking regular OTC painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills. Lastly getting your kidneys checked if you have health conditions or family history making you high risk of the disease.

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