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Let's Talk About Stress

Stress Awareness Month will be taking place in April 2024. An annual event that aims to break the cycle of poor mental health, raise awareness for stress management, preventing burnout, and encouraging open and honest conversations around stress. It aims to highlight the risks, causes, coping mechanisms, cures and how prolonged stress can affect overall health and wellbeing.

According to research 1 in 14 adults in the UK feel stressed every single day. It's a state of anxiety, tension, or worry that is caused by challenging circumstances. The causes of stress can range from person-to-person, but everything from exams to financial difficulties and emotional pressures can all contribute to stress. 

Stress can present itself in many different ways:

  • headaches

  • chest pains

  • difficulty sleeping

  • a racing heartbeat

  • stomach and digestive problems

  • tearful

  • anxious or worried

  • forgetful

  • trouble concentrating

  • changes in behaviour, such as being irritable, avoiding social situations, places and people, and eating more or less than usual

Whatever may be making you feel stressed, it’s important to look at the root cause of the issue to try and get the help you need. Making people aware of the symptoms and causes of stress can open up conversations and signpost people to the right support in order to help us prioritise our mental health. There are lots of charities and organisations that offer support for your wellbeing.

If you feel you need to speak to someone about the stress in your life you can reach out to your GP, or local mental health organisations that offer peer support groups. The Samaritans also offer talking therapies and advice if you're worried of stressed.

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