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Period Friendly World

Menstrual Hygiene Day, celebrated on May 28th, focuses on the importance of proper menstrual hygiene management and serves as a platform to bring together individuals, organisations, social businesses and the media to create a united voice for women and girls. It is designed to break the silence about menstrual hygiene management and raise awareness to shift negative views.

Lack of education, ongoing taboos, and stigma cause poor menstrual hygiene. A lack of access to clean menstrual products and bad sanitation also contribute. These problems impact the education, health, and social status of women and girls worldwide.

Menstrual hygiene is more than just a health issue — it is a matter of human rights, dignity, and equality. Awareness days like this help to work towards ending the stigma, and ensuring menstrual health for all.

Period Poverty in the UK

Menstrual Hygiene Day is a day to both look at the problems happening worldwide, as well as closer to home. With the much-needed attention that has been given to period poverty recently, there is greater awareness of the subject. Research shows that in the UK one in 10 girls between the ages of 14 and 21 have been unable to afford sanitary products, while 49% missed an entire day of school because of their period.

You can visit any one of our Colte branches who hold stock of sanitary products that patients can ask for discreetly at reception. No appointment is necessary and you don't have to be a registered patient at the practice. If you or someone you know is affected by period poverty, a range of sanitary products are available free of charge.

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