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Sarcoma Awareness Month

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month and whilst considered a rare cancer, with Sarcoma UK reporting that only around 5,400 people per year are diagnosed, there are over 100 different types. There are 2 main types of sarcoma:

  • Soft tissue sarcoma

  • Bone sarcoma (also called primary bone cancer)

Sarcoma can affect any part of the body, on the inside or outside, including bone, tendons, blood vessels, and fatty tissues.

The main symptoms to be aware of include:

  • A lump that grows or changes

  • Swelling or pain around a bone

  • Stomach pain, feeling sick, and loss of appetite

  • Blood or poo in vomit

  • Mobility problems such as stiff joints or reduced movement

  • Development of an unexplained limp, joint stiffness and reduced range of motion

  • A high temperature which does not go away

Sarcoma Awareness Month raises awareness of sarcoma and aids in spreading knowledge and understanding of the disease, allowing people to recognise the symptoms of it sooner and increase their chance of survival. Awareness of what sarcoma is and how it manifests itself in the body is an important way of increasing the outlook for those who are diagnosed with it, allowing them to have a longer and better quality of life.

If you have any symptoms of sarcoma, you should make an appointment to see your GP where they will examine you and may arrange for some tests, which can include blood tests, ultrasound scan and a biopsy. If you or somebody you know is affected by sarcoma and needs some support there are many organisations in the community and nationally that you can reach out to.

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