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Stop Snoring!

National Stop Snoring Week, celebrated from April 22nd 2024, serves as a reminder that snoring is not just a minor annoyance but a health issue that deserves attention and action.

It is often the source of jokes, but the reality is that it can be a first sign of larger, sometimes unseen, health concerns.

The sound of snoring is irritating and can lead to sleep deprivation for other people. But the noise of snoring can also cause a number of health problems. Not only does the impact of loud noise over time affect hearing, but a lack of sleep will affect daytime concentration, mental health problems, cognitive issues and negative social behaviour. Sleep deprivation can also have a negative impact on the body such as hormonal release, glucose regulation and cardiovascular function, leading to overall poor health

Snoring will not go away – it will only get worse if not addressed. Taking action can lead to early diagnosis of any health issues and is a step towards an effective treatment plan. There are many different ways to tackle your snoring:

  • Embrace technology for better sleep - white noise machines and sleep tracking apps

  • Lifestyle modifications - alcohol intake, sleep routine and diet

  • Create a conducive sleep environment - invest in good quality, comfy products

  • Try natural remedies or supplements

  • Get in some exercise - weight loss and toning muscles

  • Stay hydrated

  • Self-help remedies

  • Consult a healthcare professional

If you cannot resolve the snoring by yourself, seek professional help to find the cause and appropriate treatment. Make an appointment to see your GP and discuss a referral to a sleep specialist.

Use National Stop Snoring Week to start a conversation about snoring and break down the stigma of it. It’s also your chance to help lead the charge into a future where everyone can enjoy the benefits of a peaceful night’s sleep!

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