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Wellbeing In One - Social Prescribing

The aim of Social Prescribing is to help people make positive changes to their personal wellbeing, identify and link people with appropriate support in the community, and assist people with developing personal goals.

Support available includes advice on:

• Healthy living

• Weight management

• Lifestyle

• Maintaining physical and mental wellbeing

• Supporting independence – mobility and equipment

• Looking after someone

• Getting out and about

• Home adaptations

• Money worries

• Social inclusion

Social prescribing is ‘more than just medicine’ – it’s a new way to help people find support with their social, emotional and practical wellbeing. A Citizens Advice report, published in May 2015, suggested nearly a fifth of GPs consultation time was spent dealing with non-medical issues.

Throughout the UK, social prescribing projects are transforming wellbeing in the community and helping to ease pressure on traditional health and social care services.

Our social prescribing service is provided by:

Community 360 (Colchester)

01206 505 250

CVS Tendring

01255 425692

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