We are an innovative 'super-partnership', having merged 9 GP Practice Partnerships across Colchester and Tendring. Together, we care for approximately 95,000 patients and are very much 'At The Heart of Primary Care' in North East Essex.

The Colte Partnership


What is 'Colte'?

In June 2017, Partners of nine GP Practices across Colchester and Tendring, known within the NHS framework as North East Essex, with the support of Clinical Commissioning Group, took bold and decisive action, and merged their Practice Partnerships to form one of very few 'Super-Partnerships', nationwide.


The NHS is under great strain. Primary Care across the country is facing greater demand than ever and with that comes a raft of evolving challenges. Across North East Essex we care for a broad demographic of varying health and social care needs.


Population levels continue to rise with significant housing growth with which Primary Care (Your GP Practices), Secondary Care (Your Hospitals) and Social and Community services struggle to keep pace. Our population is living longer and this increases demand in respect of both patient numbers and increased complex, protracted and often multi-disciplinary needs.


These pressures are further compounded by a reduction in the number of clinicians taking up roles within Primary Care, a GP retirement 'bubble' on the horizon over the next 5 years or so and significant financial constraints. 

How will forming 'Colte' help?

We have chosen to face these challenges head-on and seek longer-term, sustainable and in some cases, innovative solutions to protect Your Primary Care Services while supporting our Secondary Care colleagues by reducing demand in their settings and looking at new ways to deliver more services closer to home to improve Patient Care.

Coming together to form 'Colte' ensures support and stability to our Partners in outlying settings, or where there may be less Partners sharing the responsibility, both clinical and non-clinical, of running a Practice. It enables us to share our existing workforce and expertise across the domain and utilise highly trained clinicians from other fields such as Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Paramedics to offer directed care.




Martin Chapman

Chief Operating Officer

The Colte Partnership


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